Working with a Wedding Invitation Designer

Working with a Wedding Invitation Designer

Its the day you’ve dreamed about for years and have planned for several months

Its the day you’ve dreamed about for years and have planned for several months its your wedding. Now itís time to invite your family and friends to attend one of the most important events of your life. Working with an invitation designer can help you in many ways, from reviewing and recommending designs, assisting with wording, and ensuring that your order is on time and within budget. But how do you begin? Here are four simple things to help you prepare for your initial meeting with an invitation designer:Its the day you've dreamed about for years and have planned for several months

Whats your vision?

Inspiration comes from just about anywhere. Pictures, poems, song lyrics, flowers, and themes may guide your selection process. Colors can be a dominant feature or an accent, incorporated into the paper, ink and design selections. It will be important to have some ideas to discuss at your meeting, that will help guide your review and ultimately the selection of your ensemble.

What do you want to say?

While you may not have the exact words and content ready to go for the invitation, you will want to have an idea of what information you would like to communicate to guests. For example, on the RSVP card, will you need to collect meal choices or guest count? Do you need separate cards for hotel options and/or directions? The amount of content that you would like to include will directly affect the designs available to you. Your invitation designer can research and answer your etiquette questions, and help you write the content for the pieces of your invitation ensemble.

Whats your budget?

Often brides donít know how much they want to spend on invitations until after they meet with an invitations specialist. However, you can determine a range for your budget prior to your meeting. How much are you willing to spend on the entire ensemble, which will include the printing all of the pieces? A common range is between $3 to $7 each. Prices are calculated by several factors, such as quantity, enclosures, and design. Understanding this range will also help you determine what designs and customizations may be considered to create the invitation you anticipate.

How many do you need?

At your first meeting, you may not know the exact quantity, however, itís encouraged to have your guest list just about finalized. Typically, an invitation is sent to one household or family unit, rather than one for each guest. Invitations are usually sold in quantities of 25. The more invitations ordered, the lower the price per ensemble. You may also want to think about ordering extra invitations, for late additions to the list or if there are any addressing mishaps.

Answers to these questions will help prepare you for a successful start in the invitation selection process, and alleviate any stress or surprises as your order is created and prepared.

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