Wedding Organizer

Wedding Organizer

Don’t make these mistakes in wedding planning!

1.  “I found the perfect wedding invitation wording, but now I can’t remember where I found it”.
2.  “Which shop did I find those great shoes”?
3.  “What was the name of that song I wanted in my Wedding”?
4.. “Who gave me this gravy boat as a wedding gift”?
5.  “Oh no, did I order a corsage for his grandma”?

These may seem silly. Trust me, these things are all too common in Wedding Planning. Our Organizer is a great guide for the Bride that doesn’t know where to start. Everything You Need to Know, and A Place to Keep All The Details Organized.Don't make these mistakes in wedding planning!

Our Wedding Organizer is not just a ordinary planner!

With our organizer you don’t have to destroy a cute little book…you will be creating a wedding book of memories to cherish for years to come. After you download “Our Wedding Organizer” to your computer, you print it out, all 80+ pages. Next you three hole punch the pages and place them into a 3 ring notebook. The 12 sections help you organize your thoughts and keep all your wedding ideas handy in one location.
Add as many additional pages as you need. You don’t need to buy a portfolio to hold all the wedding information your collect, just add plastic page protectors, pocket folders to keep receipts, pictures or other information you acquire and a set of filing tabs. You will probably collect many business cards as you talk to florists, photographers, etc.,so a plastic page that holds business cards is a great thing to add, also.Our Wedding Organizer is not just a ordinary planner!

We realize that it is hard to know if Our Wedding Organizer is right for you

We realize that it is hard to know if Our Wedding Organizer is right for you, because it is
online. You can’t really grasp it’s usefulness without ordering it and checking it out for yourself.
You don’t even have to print it out to see what it is like. The .pdf file allows you to scan from
page to page without even using your printer.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader, we even give
it to you for free.  Now, really, how much more arm twisting do you need. (not really). 🙂
Our organizer is 100% guaranteed…if you don’t think it is what you need, we will refund
the purchase price.
We realize that it is hard to know if Our Wedding Organizer is right for you

Table of content

1. What’s Next?
List of things to do (12 months to wedding day)
License, Gift registry
2. Money Matters.
Who pays for what?
Budget (a column for estimate & actual cost.)
3. After You Say….YES!.
Engagement, Rings, Wedding Stationery
Clergy & Church requirements & Costs
4. I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear…!
Bridal Attire, Going Away Outfit, Bridal Trousseau
Attendants’ Attire
Flower Girl  & Accessories
5. You’re Going To Wear What?
Groom’s Attire
Groomsmen Attire, Ring Bearer, Usher Attire & Accessories
6. Special Gifts for Special People…
Attendant and Groomsmen gifts  & Other Special People
7. Roses, Daises, Carnations….HELP!
Planning Your Flower Needs  (plan each person’s needs)
8. Food, Cake…Yum!
Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding Dinner
9. Music to my ears…
Sheet Music,  types of music
Dance, D.J., Band
10. Smile & Remain Holding…
11. Just Before the Wedding…
Copy of complete ceremony (Clergy information sheet)
12. A Trip For Two…Then When We Get Home…
The Honeymoon
Going Away Clothes (after ceremony and reception)
Write-up of wedding for the paper
Making Name & Beneficiary changes
Thank You Notes

You Will Finally Relax about Your Wedding Preparation.

Remember, The Hardest Part of Wedding Planning is Knowing When and Where to Start. Our Organizer Lists Everything You Need to Know. Feel Confident and Relax about Your Planning.

With our Wedding Organizer Notebook, you get:

  • An ebook that you download, print out, punch holes and place in a 3 ring binder.
  • A Wedding Planner Notebook that flows logically from one thing to the next.
  • A Planner that breaks everything down into easy steps – each building on the other.
  • An Organizer where you can keep information you receive from vendors, online sources and friends and family.
  • A Planner that helps you keep cost down by giving you a place to list items needed before you spend your money.

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