Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding Favor Boxes: 4 Tips for Showing Favor to Your Wedding Guests

A wedding is a special occasion to be enjoyed by all of those in attendance. As a token of appreciation for your guests and their willingness to share in your momentous occasion, wedding favor boxes can be an inexpensive yet personal way to express your gratitude. Consider these 4 points when making your wedding favor boxes selection:


The possibilities are endless when choosing wedding favor boxes for your guests. Although not an extremely pressing issue, there are some material considerations when making your final selection.

Paper. Whether cardboard or cardstock, wedding favor boxes constructed of paper products can be both charming and challenging. Know ahead of time how you will transport your favors to avoid crushing them, or exposing them to the elements, before their distribution.

Plastic. Although less green than paper, plastic is more durable and may be a better choice as a favor when including edible contents such as chocolates or other candies.

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Naturally, color is a concern when deciding upon wedding decorations. Wedding favor boxes are available in a large variety of styles. Therefore, choices may be made that either coordinate with the colors of the ceremony or you may prefer to use the favors to make a special statement to your guests.

Coordinating. To complement your color selections from the ceremony, choose coordinating colors for your wedding favor boxes. You may decide to use varying shades of the same color on your reception tables to help guests find their assigned seating.

Contrasting. Take advantage of the available styles of favors by branching out and adding a bit of off-the-wall flair to your after-service celebration. You may wish to contrast pastels with primary colors, or perhaps simple black and white boxes may fulfill your need.


One of the most difficult decisions when selecting wedding favor boxes is the design. Although some may prefer favors that follow a theme, others may wish to take a different approach to choosing the perfect favor.
Personal. To show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your special day, personalize your wedding favor boxes by monogramming tags with names or initials. Your family and friends will value the care and attention you spent on them.

Conventional. If wedding favor boxes are the least of your worries, or your talents, consider a traditional design of neutral colors. Simple boxes accented with delicate trimmings make just as bold a statement as any elaborate design.


Never a trivial consideration, cost often determines what type of wedding favor boxes are selected. There are two issues that factor into the favor equation:

Container. The box itself is only half of the total cost of the total wedding favor box package. When budgets are limited, consider purchasing smaller and simpler favors and adding your own trimmings for a personal touch.

Contents. The contents of your favor are part 2 of the wedding favor duo. Your choice in contents can be as simple or as extravagant as your budget dictates.

Wedding favor boxes are an opportunity to show your guests that they are an important part of your lives. If you are planning to include these select wedding decorations in the celebration of your special day, keep in mind not only your budget and your ceremony’s theme but also your guests. After all, it is your guests whom you value as the most important part of the occasion.

Wedding Favor Boxes

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