Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations: 3 Ways Table Card Holders Can Enhance Your Wedding Day Designs

A wedding is not necessarily a ceremony but an experience. Part of the wedding experience includes group gatherings both before and after the service. In order to create an orderly and enjoyable experience at rehearsal dinners and receptions, consider the following features of table card holders as fun yet functional ways to keep your event running smoothly.Wedding Decorations: 3 Ways Table Card Holders Can Enhance Your Wedding Day Designs

Table card holders

Table card holders are one of the most practical wedding decorations available. Frequently used to help guests find their assigned places at a reception or other wedding-specific gathering, they often contain one or more of the following features in their design:

Guest names

Most often table card holders are needed to show guests to their seats without the need for an usher. Regardless of size or nature of construction, guests’ names should be prominently displayed for both visibility and efficiency.

Table numbers

If specific seating assignments are not a concern, limit the contents of your table card holders to table numbers. Always make certain the design you choose will enhance rather than impede whatever function you assign to your card holders.


Personalize each table card holder with carefully selected photographs of those in attendance. Photos chosen for each holder may be of the following:


Create a fun way for guests to find their respective table with personalized holders displaying photos of each guest.

Bride and groom

Choose some of your favorite photos of the bride and groom and give your guests their first topic of conversation upon arrival.


While a theme is not a requirement for an appropriately designed wedding ceremony and reception, thematic décor can help bring character to an otherwise predictable event. Use table card holders in the following ways to add charm to your post-nuptial celebrations:

  • Harmonize. Bring your theme together with table card holders of complementary colors and styles. For example, for a reception with a western theme, try using cowboy boots as holders for place cards.
  • Emphasize. Leave your guests with a lasting impression using thematic table card holders that double as wedding favors. By carefully selecting table favors that stand out rather than blend in, your guests will be talking about your clever wedding décor for years to come.
  • Magnetize. Capture your guests’ attention with thematic table card holders. Use color and design to gain the notice of your guests and lead them to their reception destinations.


When selecting wedding decorations, it is important to know their purpose. Take these suggestions for using table card holders as functional trimmings for your reception or other wedding gathering:

  • Mood. Set the tone for your wedding reception with specially selected table card holders. Capture the moment with accents that add a unique touch.
  • Budget. Cost does not have to be an obstacle when choosing appropriate wedding decorations. Table card holders can be both simple and stylish if chosen carefully to fulfill their purpose as visual directives and decorative highlights.
  • Socialization. Create moments for mingling by making the most of your table card holders. Strategically pair guests through matching colors or styles and give them opportunities to share stories about the bride and groom from personal perspectives.

No two weddings are exactly alike; consequently, wedding decorations should also have a unique flair. Take advantage of the features of table card holders to make your wedding a personal experience for each of your guests while keeping the bride and groom the focus of the event.

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