Saving Money on Your Honeymoon

Saving Money on Your Honeymoon

You know, planning a wedding can be a funny thing.

The bride to be is staying so busy with her wedding planning, getting quotes from caterers and fine tuning all of the details and the costs…and there are a lot of them. Statistics show that the average American wedding costs around $30k. But what I find funny is that while the bride is handling these large bills (somewhat in stride – knowing how much these things can cost), the groom is freaking out over $300 plane tickets to the honeymoon of your choose. What many couples planning a wedding today don’t realize is that they DON’T have to spend that much money on their wedding and honeymoon, and still have great results. There is no harm in looking for deals, or learning how to get the best prices without trading it for quality. That especially applies to honeymoon deals. Knowing and understanding a few simple tricks can help you save thousands on a great honeymoon deal while not putting you into unnecessary debt. Here are some important factors to consider.

Location Location Location!

Your honeymoon destination of choice will play a huge factor in the overall cost of your honeymoon. Face it, a trip to a deserted tropical island  will cost more than a trip to sunny tropical Mexico, and even less will be a romantic honeymoon throughout your own home country.  But every couple has their own particular preferences when it comes to their honeymoon, and your honeymoon destination should fit your tastes. So talk to each other and get a feel for each of your ideal honeymoon spots.

Planning Early

There is a moderate amount of controversy over this one. Many people believe that early planning will get you some great deals on a hotel and flights. Others believe that if you wait until closer to the trip to book everything, sometimes the deals can be discounted to encourage people to come. My advice? Plan early to get the honeymoon destination and hotel you want, and then get the rate insurance, if it’s available. It’s a little bit of extra money, but if the cost of your honeymoon decreases and you spot it (it will require checking periodically), then your rates will be reduced to the amount of the new lower cost. My husband and I saved several hundred dollars this way.

Consider a Cruise or All-Inclusive Honeymoon Deal

Some people love cruises, and some people hate them. If you’ve never tried one before, and are pretty cautious about it, then maybe try for another idea. But the great thing about cruises is that you can visit a list of exotic and tropical locations for a fraction of the cost. Not bad! We went with an all-inclusive honeymoon deal, and really enjoyed the benefits that came along with it. All restaurants, bars, room service, tips, transportation to and from the airport, and other services were covered in our fee for the honeymoon, and we really didn’t have to worry about taking our wallets or anything like that. It was great. Just be sure to read the fine print on what is covered with the all-inclusive deal you are considering so you’re not stuck with a huge unexpected bill later.

Your honeymoon should be an excellent time of relaxation and spending time together as a newly married couple. You shouldn’t have to be stressed out about money or finding the next place to eat, or any other  nightmares some couples face. The great thing about finding a great deal on a honeymoon? Nobody has to see the price tag but you.

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