Incorporating Pew Bows into Your Wedding

Incorporating Pew Bows into Your Wedding

4 Helpful Tips for Incorporating Pew Bows into Your Wedding Day Décor

For most engaged couples, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. A great deal of thought goes into creating the perfect atmosphere for exchanging nuptials in the company of family and friends. Although not necessarily the keystone of the ceremony itself, wedding pew bows are a likely consideration when planning site decorations and creating the desired setting for the service. These 4 pointers can help any bride- or groom-to-be make the most of their special day.

Incorporating Pew Bows into Your Wedding

Wedding pew bows are a decorative accent intended to enhance the service

Appearance. Wedding pew bows are a decorative accent intended to enhance the service rather than overwhelm it. It is important to consider the type of ceremony to be performed when garnishing nuptial seating:

Elegant. An elegant service generally dictates a fabric that will support the site décor. Simple designs and colors, such as ivory silks and satins, may the preferred choice for a more refined touch.

Casual. For the ceremony that is less formal in its design, consider seat trimmings that are equally relaxed to complete the comfortable feel of the occasion.

Floral integration. Another approach to accessorizing the site of the wedding ceremony is to integrate the floral selections with select pew bows:

Artificial. Synthetic flowers paired with the pew accents create both appropriate trimmings for the service and an instant keepsake for years to come.

Real. A special touch for any type of service, the addition of real flowers to wedding pew bows gives the site a stylish appearance that complements the bridal bouquets created for the ceremony.

Placement. The placement of wedding pew bows is a critical consideration to avoid both overpowering and uninspiring appearances.

Every pew. The size of the ceremony and the site itself should dictate whether to accessorize every available pew. Larger sites may demand more elaborate adornment to avoid an empty look.

Alternating rows. A popular choice for wedding site decoration is to accentuate every other pew with coordinating bows. The look is subtle yet sophisticated without detracting from the wedding party.

Reserved seating. Although a personal choice, wedding pew bows may be used exclusively for marking reserved seating for family and special guests. Other options may include varying the pew bow construction and appearance to distinguish among reserved and open seating.

Purpose. Pew decorations are rarely included in wedding day festivities without rhyme or reason. Some uses for seat adornments include the following:

Thematic. For those services that follow a thematic approach, wedding pew bows serve to support the theme of the ceremony and accentuate its thematic qualities.

Systematic. Provide an organized feel to the selected venue by creating visual directives for guest seating.

Aromatic. By integrating live floral selections to wedding pew bows, guests are treated to a fragrant welcome as they are directed to their seats.

Price. Naturally, cost is a principal consideration when planning for wedding day décor. These characteristics should be at the top of the list when making pew bow decisions:

Materials. The quality of the pew bow materials can greatly affect the overall cost of the decorations themselves. Natural fabrics are often available at a higher price than perhaps a synthetic alternative.

Quantities. To reduce the amount of money spent on wedding pew bows, the number of bows incorporated into the ceremony may also be reduced. Limiting placement of the bows can help keep the final cost down while maintaining the overall essence of the ceremony.

Expertise. When choosing wedding pew bows, keep in mind that an experienced vendor or designer is more likely to create or provide the desired look sought after by the wedding couple.

A wedding is an occasion that deserves all the attention available to make the event as memorable as possible. Wedding pew bows are often a special addition to any matrimonial occasion and are easily tailored to meet the specific needs of any ceremony.

Incorporating Pew Bows into Your Wedding

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