Adding a Unique Touch to a Wedding

Adding a Unique Touch to a Wedding

Adding a Unique Touch to a Wedding with Wedding Favors

The perfect dress is on order. The charming venue for the ceremony has been booked. The details on catering, signature drinks, and how many people to invite to the special day are coming along nicely. This is going to be a perfect wedding. Now all that is needed is the finishing touches. Those small things that will add the wonderful memories for the bride and groom and their guests.

What centerpiece expresses the couple best? What music will create the ambiance? What is the perfect thank you token for a wedding party favor to give as a memory? Long gone are the days of providing a paper cup of mints for the guests as a party favor. The choices for a small thank you are as varied as the innumerable wedding styles available today.

The right choice of party favor will reflect the couples appreciation for the support of the friends and family that joined the wedding celebration.Adding a Unique Touch to a Wedding with Wedding Favors

Deciding on a Unique Wedding Favor

The choices for party favors are endless. A theme can be chosen for the season of the wedding. For example, if itís a fall wedding, wedding gift themes might be leaf candles or mini maple syrup bottles. If the wedding is planned for summer, a personalized ice cream scoop or mini hot sauces might add just the right zing to the festivities.

Like every other aspect of the wedding plan, create a budget. Party favor prices can really add up if you have over a hundred guests. Decide on a budget for the favors and then get creative. A wedding party favor doesn’t have to cost a lot. Or for a small wedding, the budget might allow truly individual wedding guest favors. Dont leave this decision to the last minute.

Deciding on a Unique Wedding Favor

Think About the Wedding Style

Is the wedding style extremely elegant? If so, personalized Frisbees for the guests might not be the best choice. However, they would be just right for a beach or lake front wedding. Is the wedding an outdoor event with lots of greenery? Personalized flower seeds might be the warm touch to give as a memento for everyone that shared the special day.Think About the Wedding Style

Be Creative

Finding the ideal wedding favor isn’t the same high tension as finding the right dress and rings or invitations. The small project can be fun. Gather the bridesmaids and groomsman and get silly. Have someone take notes and brainstorm. Write down every off-the-wall idea that pops out of someoneís mouth. While laughing and enjoying a moment on non-stress, the most unique wedding favor idea will emerge.

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