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“Always hold on to the truth. Don’t let others sway your heart. Don’t compromise yourself for the sake of temporal groovyness. Be Deeply Funky. Be separate from the crowd that’s awash with normality, by standing on a firm foundation. Never waver in your love or faith ….” – John Fluevog.

recently, i’ve been working through my goals for the upcoming season, and it’s forced me to sit back and truly think about why i have chosen the path of photographer, and how being a photographer has been shaping me into the person i am today.

i wish that i could say that i started taking photographs as a young child on my father’s knee, but my dad’s interest in photography never really wore off on me, especially since his prized Canon SLR was stolen when i was maybe 10 years old. i never got to use his darkroom or learn about composition. i had to to find that path on my own. that’s ok….. i’m not bitter.

i’ve actually been trying to find my voice as an artist for a while now, starting as a child and my insane desire to work as an animator for Disney studios, followed by my desire to design commercial spaces as a designer/architect, followed by the watercolour classes, the stained glass, the pottery classes and my quilting. all of it wonderful, all of it me.
my love of photography took me by surprise one day, and it hasn’t let go yet. my love of all things underwater and my path into underwater photography, eventually led me onto land and then to weddings. what started out as a love of making beautiful photos, has now led me to have a burning desire to capture the lives of my clients as a photojournalist. it’s the photographs of the real moments, the story, and the emotion, that truly grab onto my heart.
i realized that i loved telling a story through photos.
that is my art.
that is my passion.
life continues to amaze me, with it’s beauty and unpredictable nature, and a wedding day isn’t much different.  i would never ask a client to pretend to do anything, stage a moment that would most likely occur on it’s own,  or ask anyone to fake emotion. the real stuff is just so much better than anything i could ever ask anyone to pretend to do.

my life is two-fold though, and what grabs me and never lets me go, is the love i have for my hubby and kids. our three beautiful children are  my life and my joy, and they consume me deep into my soul. i am blessed with a life of love and laughter.
they are MY story.
after a hug or a snuggle from one of my children, i can honestly say that my heart is full again. each and every time.
i am married to the most kind and loving man on the planet, and it always amazes me to think that we have been best friends and  truly inseparable since we were 14 yrs old.  i understand what it means to be loved deeply, and my hope is that every one of my clients are blessed with the same type of love in their marriage.

a few random tidbits about me~
~ i love scuba diving with sharks
~ i love diet pepsi with lime
~ i love the smell of old books, because they remind me of my family’s cottage when i was growing up
~ i don’t like winter  in Canada (in any way, shape or form)  , but a tropical winter is lovely
~ i love wearing my Crocs in the summer (please don’t judge me. they are comfy)
~ my heart gets broken easily
~ i really like red licorice, but black isn’t bad either
~ i love hearing about what makes people tick, and i have a disdain for silly chit chat about the weather and such

please make sure to get in touch with me via email michele@michelebowmanweddings.com or by phone 519-965-0340 if you’d like to book a wedding or a family session.

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Margaret Smith - Hi Michele,
Was going through facebook looking for connections . No way!!! You’re in Windsor ! Me too! Last time I saw you I was staying at Hendy’s place because I was banished from my own home in my own soap opera type story. I remember thinking it was funny i could take care of little Cameron no problem, but was getting supervised access to my own kids. (that was just for two weeks while things were all crazy in court.) What an ironic story that turned out to be.
So happy to see you are well and joyfully working in the art of Photography. Perhaps you will succeed the legendary Pat Sturn, who was an amazing photographer and just recently died at the age of 100.
I would love to meet you for a coffee if you would be willing. You have my email. There are lots of timmy’s around here. LOL. Hope to hear from you.

jenni!fer - Hi Michele,

I am currently looking for a wedding photographer and I was admiring your portfolio. I was wondering if you are available may 12, 2012 because this is when i will be getting married. it will be at the cicarro club in windsor, ontario. Also, if you are availalbe, could you send me details about your wedding packages and how much it would cost? thanks! hope to hear from you soon!


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