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2 weeks+Roatan= 45 dives in underwater fantabulousness

there are moments in time that change the course of our lives, even though we don’t know it at the time.

for me, that moment was the day i was forced (by my hubby) to take an underwater photography course (a one-hour tidbit) at Cocoview Resort in Roatan (taught by the talented Tim Blanton) so that Darryl could learn how to use our new camera and take some photos on our first trip to this fabulous place.

that was 6 years ago (we’ve been back every year since)

Darryl (as it turned out) hated using an camera underwater. i , on the other hand, LOVED LOVED LOVED taking underwater photos and learning about photography. it was a funny transition to say the least.
my photos from that trip pretty much sucked and were mostly of fish tails, tops of fish and blurry green messes, but i was hooked and couldn’t get enough of any of it!!! i loved searching for creatures i’d never seen before (on our first trip, that was pretty much every single fish), and i just had to have that camera in my hand all the time. it was hilarious actually, because we’d sit down after a day of diving and Darryl would have to upload my photos to the computer (all 10,000 of them per day….. heehee) and we’d relive our day underwater. Darryl used to laugh at me because i didn’t have any idea how to upload photos, make folders or even do anything on the computer that was even slightly related to photography! wow, times have changed around here.

it was that trip 6 years ago that put a camera in my hand, which has since led to starting a wedding photography business and driving me to work harder and harder to capture the uniqueness that is the underwater realm.

underwater photography is tough, much tougher than you’d think.
fish don’t pose or stay still for more than a second, you lose colour because of the lack of sunlight, and there seems to always be a surge, or current or coral that stands in the way of getting the shot.  you have to be a confident diver and have control of your buoyancy before even thinking of taking a camera underwater, because diving requires a good amount of attention and it’s easy to get distracted when you have a camera in your hand!!

i also want to give full credit to my camera for helping me get over my fear of night diving, because i would spend my time focusing on finding cool creatures and not on the fact that i was 2 seconds from having an anxiety attack in the pitch dark ( i am now completely over my fear of night diving, just thought i’d let you all know that)

i started out my underwater photography journey with an Olympus C5060 and housing, and have since progressed to a Canon G11 & Canon housing. this year i introduced an Inon Z240 strobe and Fantasea wet lenses (a macro and a fish-eye). i have a huge dream of getting my Nikon D700 underwater (if anyone would like to donate to that cause, feel free to email me 🙂 ), but it’s an expensive endeavour and i might have to sell a kidney to make it happen!!

my biggest underwater passion is macro photography, and thanks to my hubby and his Christmas gift to me (the Fantasea macro lens was a big hit with me), i was able to MACRO my brains out this trip!!

we spent two weeks in Roatan this time around. i did FORTY-FIVE dives in those two weeks. i got a fabulous tan (if i do say so myself).

i don’t think i could ask for a better holiday.



my favourite kind of self-portrait










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amy lenhart - welcome back! amazing underwater photography!!! lots of beautiful and creepy things under the water!!! sounds like you had a blast!!

Wendy Rae - I have suffered with ear problems nearly my whole life and have never been able to go underwater without difficulty. Thank you for showing me a “world” I will never be able to see for myself. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Sherry - Michele, these are so great! What an amazing way to remember your vacation! Beautiful job!

Sherry - Michele, these are amazing! What a wonderful way to remember your vacation! Beautiful work!

Flirt Photography - So rad! Welcome home!! I’m glad you had a great trip and WOW on getting in 45 dives in two weeks. I can’t wait for my O/W in July! Let’s plan a lunch date somewhere before the season gets too crazy…London perhaps? Miss you, friend!

Kelsey - Gorgeous photos of such incredible sea life! Thanks for sharing these. I grew up on the coast and now live inland and I miss the ocean and it’s inhabitants. These are gorgeous pictures!

Natalie - Amazing underwater images! So cool!

Victor Saidov - Amazing photos! When in Maui last year, I searched for turtles for a long time, but didn’t see any. I have to try scuba diving! 🙂

Anton Chia - I can only open my mouth and say: WOW!

adam houseman - Incredible. Colorific! Love your underwater work.

Leah muse - Wow, these are ridiculously awesome.

Jon - Great set of images, makes me want to head out myself, lovely, colourful work.

john p - Those are amazing shots. I like being on the surface but now I’m inspired to go deeper.

Kellee - These are seriously amazing. I’ve always been petrified of a housing leaking and only bought myself a little underwater point & shoot. You’ve totally inspired me to reconsider. Wow wow wow!!

Marcin - These are amazing! Beautiful work.

Heather - WOW!! I would love to have the chance to do this!! I love that first crab shot, awesome!

Jean K - WOW!!!! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou for showing me a world I will never be able to see in person….so beautiful!!! What an amazing gift you have my dear! Cant wait to see your new pics from your next trip. I just want you to hurry up and go!!!!!

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