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josh & arica { Heritage Village, Harrow ~ engagement photography }

there is something magical about being in love.

it’s that feeling down deep in your soul, when you just know that you are meant to marry your best friend, and spend the rest of your lives making each other happy.
that’s the kind of love that Josh and Arica share.
you might think that it’s not possible for me to know how deep their love flows, but i beg to differ!
you see , Arica is a good friend and fellow wedding photographer, and i have seen her crush on Josh, blossom into a deep love, right before my eyes.
i have been working alongside Arica for quite a few weddings this year, and when we first started working together this past spring, i remember quite clearly the day she asked me what i thought of Josh. i have known Josh and his wonderful family, for about 7 years now, and Arica admitted to me that she had a crush on him and was hoping they would someday date. 
well, the first date turned into many dates, and i quickly saw that they were meant to be together, forever and ever.
Arica has become a dear friend in the last 7 months, and i can’t wait to watch her and Josh get married and spend the rest of their lives together.
one of the big reasons i am also super happy about Arica and Josh’s upcoming marriage, is that i can tell that their love is just as awesome as the love that Darryl and i share.

there aren’t many couples that can still say that they are more in love today than they were on the day they got married 20 years ago, but Darryl and i can say that. we adore each other, to the depths of our souls, and i can’t imagine being married to anyone else.
from what i can see, Josh and Arica are just as perfect for each other as my Darryl and i.
they are truly blessed.

i am also thrilled to be able to photograph Arica and Josh’s wedding next spring, at Heritage Village in Harrow Ontario (which is 20 minutes from Windsor). 
i am blessed with great friends, and i count Arica as a true gift from God. 

just take a look at how happy these two are. you can see it in their eyes.
oh, and if you didn’t already know this about me…..
i LOVE eyes.

heritage village harrow-DSC_6282.jpg
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Arica - We are CUTE! 🙂 Thanks Michele hehe! You’re the best. Love you very much!

Melissa - Oh, I LOVE these pictures! You’ve captured their love so well! Thanks for such a great job!

marie - I love you photos … so natural and fresh

Julie - Beautiful Michelle!

Kim - These are beautiful! I love your style. Very modern and fresh. Great work!

Bob D - North Carolina Wedding Photographer - I love these images. The fall colors are lovely. It’s been years since I visited southern Ontario but I remember it being very lovely. (Used to visit to dive the 19th century wrecks… primarily schooners… in the Peelee Passage area). We don’t get a lot of fall color here in North Carolina… mostly pine forests along the coastal areas.

Springfield MA Wedding Photographer - Vic Pellicier - Beautiful work. Love your lighting.

Ben Chen - What lovely couple. I love the bride’s expressions and you captured it all. Great job.

Amber Chudy - You are so fantastic Michele. These are beautiful!

Mark - Great fun photos! 🙂

Wedding Photographer Somerset - What a great session, how many goes did it take to get him to jump that high? Brilliant 🙂

megan - i absolutely love these pictures

Jay Crihfield - Chicago wedding photographer - Wow cool shot of the groom clicking his heels!

Jessika Feltz - Michele, this session was awesome! These two look like they were super fun to photograph and you found some great locations! LOVE it!

Laura - What a beautiful AND fun couple! Great images! I love the second last one…. vintage love!

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