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darlene & adam | married

last weekend was Easter weekend, which is a time for hope, love and faith ,as well as a time for new beginnings.

it was also the weekend that Darlene & Adam got married and began their life together as a family.

the wedding was a cross-border event, with the ceremony being held in Plymouth Michigan and the reception here in Windsor. let’s just say that i am sincerely thankful that the bridal party even made it back across to Windsor!! if the grumpy border guard had had his way, the limo would have been confiscated and the bridal party stranded at customs. there were a few minutes when i was having a nervous breakdown as i waited for the group to show up at our Pinky’s for some ice cream.
i want to give credit to Adam & Darlene for never getting stressed at any moment throughout the day!! it was inspirational actually.
a veil was forgotten, the limo got lost, border guard issues and a rush to have enough time for photos would have sent most couples into a tailspin, but these two just kept on smiling and the bridal party just enjoyed the ride. i really don’t know how you can have ice cream AND be grumpy at the same time anyways.

i love my job.

a special thanks goes out to a couple of people.
thank you Canada Customs for taking pity on an adorable bridal party and allowing them to cross the border.
thank you Mr.Golden Sun for finally making an appearance in Windsor. it was nice to see you again.
thank you Β to the Pinky’s owner for being awesome and coming to unlock the ice cream parlour for us, even when we were an hour late arriving (it was Canada Customs fault. blame them)
thank you Lion Dance people for being fabulous and furry.
thank you Darlene & Adam for choosing me to document your very special day. it was an honour and a pleasure.






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amy - another beautiful wedding!! you captured some beautiful moments!!!

Lee-Ann - I love the icecream shop idea! Wonderful colours, and your images are fantastic! Love all the laughter πŸ™‚

Wendy sexton - Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Darlene you were beautiful πŸ™‚

Neda - Absolutely beautiful!!! Darlene you look amazing in alllll the photos!!!

Emil - Beautiful set! Love the shot where she is laughing and the groom is standing behind her. Love catching laughter!

Natalie Soares - The pictures are beautiful. You made a gorgeous bride. Congratulation, enjoy your lives together..

Rae - Such an emotion filled day… Beautiful photography of a beautiful wedding!

Lana - Aww.. I love the shots at the candy/ice cream shoppe! How clever

Heather E - This wedding is just so adorable. I love your choice of location for your ring shot! Beautiful coverage of a great wedding.

Sarah Der - Love the emotions of the reception. One of my favorite photos from the entire set is the one near the end, of the bridesmaid with a tissue, getting a bit teary. So lovely.

Jim Murphy - Great moments and details captured. Nice work. Big fan of the black and white photo of them dancing and laughing.

Ophelia Photography - There is something special in these images. There real and storytelling. You did an incredible job documenting the day. It feels authenthic.

ALMA - Awesome! love the party frames!

Len - An absolutely stunning wedding and the ice cream shop pics have now given me a hankering for something sweet! Hahahaha πŸ™‚

Amanda Basteen - What great moments you’ve captured. You sure know how to make me feel like I am there!

Nikole Bordato - What a great wedding! The ice cream shop photos are so much fun.

Nikole Bordato - What a great wedding. The ice cream shop photos are so much fun!

Caroline Ghetes - LOVE these! There’s so much happiness in all of them!

Kelsey - You did an awesome job capturing all the fun, joy and emotion in this wedding. I love the ice cream shop theme- so cute!

Leah muse - What a fun day! Love the way you captured every bit of it.

Leo Druker - Gorgeous work – love how you told their story, and judging by the how much fun everyone’s having at the reception, the snafu at the border was totally worth it. Nice job πŸ™‚

Sandra Dufton - love your work. beautiful and fresh photography. very much “in the moment”

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