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across the street from where i live, there is a grey house. in that grey house lives the Lee family.

two parents, two kids and lots of insanity.

John and Carol were the first neighbours that we got to know upon our arrival in Kingsville about 10 years ago. they are the best neighbours EVER!!  they don’t throw loud parties, they let us dump our yard waste over their cliff, they let me supply them with baked goods when i’m in the mood to pawn off sugary treats, and they have two of the cutest boys in the whole wide world. i’m referred to as Miss Michele when i visit, and not only do Jackson and Sam act crazy for me, they let me chase them around and give me hugs.

i like hugs.

i have been photographing these two boys their whole lives, but this time around i wanted to try something a little different.

i asked myself to breakfast and the boys made me waffles!

i think i’m in love with photographing families just being themselves. yep…. that’s where the memories are.


now, here is the funniest photo from the day. it pretty much sums up what happens when you have two excited kids and a fun breakfast. sorry Carol, i just HAD to post this one!


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Michelle - What a great lifestyle session! Love it!

John - I can’t believe how you took that little period of insanity and made it look so wonderful.


Let’s discuss what’ll be necessary to shoop that last picture. It’s so close to being perfect. Can you make my expression more like Carol’s?

bryan - these are so fun! great work.

Brian Kraft - Those are really fun! Great work!

Kellee Walsh - These are awesome. I love the idea of these sessions. It really makes me want to follow my 2 year old twin nephews around for a day 🙂

kong wai - Warm!! Love this feel

Sherry - Michele, these are so awesome! They are going to LOVE them! Couldn’t have summed up parenting much better:)

Becca - These are so wonderful. The fact that they’re so natural and capture the everyday life of the family make them even more beautiful. I love this set. LOVE.

kit - what a beautiful session! This moment in time captured forever will be a treasure to this family for years… love all the little details. and those boys are too cute for words.

Brittany - These are some amazing photos of a beautiful family. You did a great job. Those are some cute kids.

Heather J - These are so perfect. Love the day in the life feel. Remind me to have you come over the bridge from Windsor when I have some children, haha.

Leah Muse - Love all of these moments. These are going to be so awesome to look back on, goodness.

Kyle - This shoot just captures so much real life, I love it!

Nora - These are so wonderful. I really would love these type of photos taken of me and my family. Great job!

Johanna - Now THIS is the sort of a family shoot I want to photograph. Stunning! I love the documentary approach. Such a gorgeous set.

Laura szpyra - What wonderful pictures! Thank You!!!

Paul Fuller - Brilliant set, love the expression on the 4th shot

christa - wow amazing shots, beautiful boys what a great way to capture a day in the life

Natalie - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. So inspiring. Thanks!

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