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a little road trip …..Bianca & Kyle in Guelph


definition :charm quark~

A quark with a charge of + 2/3 and a charm of +1. Its mass is greater than that of the electron and greater than that of the up quark, down quark, and strange quark, but less than that of the bottom quark and top quark. Also called charmed quark.


a couple of weeks ago, i packed up my camera gear and took to the road. my final destination was Guelph.

it was time for Bianca and Kyle’s engagement session. i got to hang out for the day with a Nuclear Physicist and a Marine Biologist. it was fabulous.

fun fact # 302 about Michele (me) ~ i am a science nerd at heart. i have memorized a good chunk for the periodic table, and i took university chemistry and biology courses a couple of years ago, just for the fun of it. yep, i adore science and always have.

did these two lovebirds put their personalities out there during our time together? yep.

did i get to hang out with a couple of science nerds? yep.

did i get to photograph the first engagement session ever done in the Physics Department at the University of Guelph? probably.

it will be early this fall when Kyle & Bianca take to the road themselves and head to Windsor for their nuptials, but until then they will plan the big day just a few hours down the 401.  until then, here are Bianca and Kyle in Guelph.




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Michelle - Speechless. So good.

Dana Napoleon - Are you kidding?!
Michele, this is incredible!
So beautiful.

kong wai - Beautiful !! Composition, Tone, mood all good !!

caroline - i love that these seem so personal to them as a couple. love the unique location too. you seriously rocked this session.

amy lenhart - these are awesome!!! love love all the locations!!! so many amazing images!! they must be beyond thrilled with these!!!

sarah black - Gorgeous images of a beautiful couple. Lots of love, and personality. I especially love the ones in the snow (bit jealous, don’t get any of that stuff where I live).

Jonathan Dear - I love the whole feel of this shoot. You went for a lifestyle angle and it really suits this couple. I imagined I spent the day with them doing things they love to do together. Truly precious memories that have meaning.

Matt - Love the shot in the hallway, flawless!

Daniel Krieger - I like the originality of doing photos in a library I don’t think I’ve seen an engagement shoot done in a location like that before.. very cool. Great light in some of those winter photos outside as well. Well done with this shoot!

Darin Collison - Gorgeously sweet portraits. So warm, so loving. And the very last frame is quite perfect.

Heather K - This session is everything I want to be as a photographer and everything I would want in a session as a person in love. You are a steller artist, Michele. <3

Kellee Walsh - Beautiful Michelle! Love the ones in the snow 🙂

Lara - you’ve found some wonderful light here. I can see the love.

Bianca - Thank you so much Michele!
We had a great time and are so happy with our pictures!!

Kate - Wow, Michele, these are freakin’ fabulous! Their connection really comes through in your images, and I love the quirky/fun stuff too. Those last photos in the snow are crazy gorgeous!

joan fox - Hi Michele, I’m a Calgary photographer, just surfing the web and came across your site. I thought I would leave a comment saying that I really like your style of photos. All the best to you!

Flirt Photography - Great job, my friend! I love your use of light in a lot of these!
And um…there are FIFTY different types of grilled cheese sandwiches? ha ha ha…who knew?

Derek - Love this session! Incredible work Michele!

Ian Arthur - Bianca and Kyle are definitely in love – you can see it from the pictures – and what a great set of pictures. Love, love, love…

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