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janice & roy | langdon hall wedding, cambridge

it was December 30th.

it was foggy and damp.

it was the day that Janice & Roy got married.

i drove to Cambridge, not knowing what to expect when i arrived at Langdon Hall. i cannot describe how i felt as i drove through the gates and heading towards to main house. i think my mouth hung agape for a while, but i recomposed myself when the valet helped me to the front door. Langdon Hall is a drop-dead gorgeous, jaw-dropping, goose-bum inducing venue for a wedding. i don’t kid about such things.

it was an intimate affair, with only 12 people (including the bride and groom), and it was exactly the wedding that Janice and Roy envisioned for themselves.

a lovely ceremony in the conservatory as the sun was setting, and a beautiful dinner in the formal dining room, right in front of a fireplace.

i want to thank Janice and Roy for allowing me into their lives for a brief moment. your family welcomed me with open arms, and it was a wedding i will not soon forget.

here’s their wedding story as told by me.


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Melanie - OMG I dig her shawl so much, I want it!

Beautiful images and storytelling!

Michelle - Michele! I have way too many favourites to even name here!

Gorgeous images. What a beautiful venue. Wow, I am truly blown away.

Roy and Janice are the nicest people in the world. What a great family and that is my kind of wedding!

Once again, amazing job Michele.

amy lenhart - beautiful wedding…love the intimacy.. you captured the day beautifully! love the babies shoes!! so cute!

Blake Burton - wow, beautiful compositions, and I love the winter background!

Debbie Mayes - I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to shoot portraits in the snow – but they (and you) did great! Love all the little ‘moments’ you captured throughout!

Heather - Ahh the snow!!

Deborah - LOVE the idea of this smaller more intimate wedding. Beautiful photos!

Sara - This is stunning! I love the shot of the carriage coming up the road!

James Gifford-Mead - Winter weddings are tough but you totally nailed this wedding!

ALMA - Solid set.

Chris McCann - Michele, your storytelling just gets better with every post! Love these. I especially love all of the creative comps. Very unique!

Mike - Awesome work. It may have been freezing and snowing but it made for some really beautiful images.

shipra - seriously awesome coverage. I am in love with the bride’s shrug.

George L Koroneos - I love your take on traditional photojournalism. It’s so refreshing to see photos that are honest and beautiful. Fantastic set.

Sarah Rominger - The snow just adds a simple elegance to this wedding. Love that =) You captured so much amazing, genuine emotion throughout this entire day!

Joni Schrantz - Love the winter feel to this wedding. Great coverage, love your style!

Alan Law - Great work, Michele; love the shoe shot especially, really artistic and unusual composition. Top stuff!

Barney Walters - Ina agreement about the shoe shot. Good Stuff.

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