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this is where i want to photograph a wedding…..

i am taking a little break from blogging a wedding or an engagement session to post a little dream of mine.

for those who don’t know me, i’m going to let you in on a little secret……

i dream big.

it’s a horrible thing actually, because my head spins with new ideas and grandios plans for my life, which causes me to lose sleep and lose my mind in the process.

i decided that maybe i could share one or two of my dreams on my blog and one day someone might land on my little blog, see my dream and make it come true!! wouldn’t that be fabulous?

ok, so my dream is to photograph a wedding a wedding in Roatan Honduras (Costa Rica or Belize would do nicely as well… just sayin’). since i make the trip to Roatan every spring (we’ve started extending our trips to 2 weeks long) i’d love to photograph a wedding while we’re there! in 2012 i will be available from April 29th – May 11th for such an occasion, so if you’re planning a wedding in or around those dates, you still need a photographer AND you just happened to find my little blog along the way (and you love my work), then i’d be flattered if you hired me to document your day!! since i will already be there on my scuba vacation of awesomeness, then you wouldn’t even have to pay for my flight or anything!!

(if you’re getting married in Costa Rica or Belize, on another date, i’d love to hear from you as well)

that’s it.

Tuesday should now be officially called ‘Michele’s Day of Dreaming Crazy Big Things and Then Blogging About Them ‘ (hmmmmmmm…. that’s a little long for a title)

since every good blog post deserves a photo, i will post a photo that i took in Roatan last May. this was the view from in front of our beach house, on a lovely day and when the tide was low.

i can almost smell the salt-filled air and feel that gentle breeze……


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Timaree Davis - I think someone is giving a hint to Terri…

Steph - If you happen to be there in August too, I would be VERY interested!!

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