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photographs that matter ~ the Foundation Workshop

there have been so many times in the last week that i have wanted to take some time to write about my experiences at the Foundation Workshop, but i haven’t been able to put the words together. i decided that today would be the day i put the words together, because everything is still fresh in my brain.

the Foundation Workshop is one of the most grueling and toughest photojournalism workshops for wedding photographers. true story.

i spent a week in Austin Texas with some of the most accomplished and phenomenal wedding photojournalists around, and i am forever changed. i think change is a good thing, especially when i truly feel that i’m changed in a ‘very good way’. very good indeed.
every student at FW9 was given an assignment that was supposed to help us work on our skills as a photojournalist, story teller, moment catcher, light reader…….
i won’t go into too many details about my assignment from a photographer’s point of view, since you’d pretty much just hear about feet, feet and more feet, and maybe hoops. maybe.

at this workshop i was pushed to the limits mentally and physically.

i say mentally because i was asked to see everything in a different manner, to wait for moments, listen to what was happening, and to try and tell the story that was happening around me.  i was asked to see light differently than ever before.  i was pushed to be a better photographer. it was tough.

physically i was pushed because we tried to subsist on less than 4 hours of sleep a night, all because we were up late editing and critiquing our team’s photos from each day. so much creativity, so much talent, so much enthusiasm for creating art. i learned so much from every member of my team (which consisted of 4 teachers and 6 students). i was moved by everyone’s efforts to learn, improve, push themselves and embrace their new passion for creating images that matter.

according to my mentor/team leader David Murray, it’s about creating images that matter and that tell the story of the human condition. i will forever be thankful for David and his wisdom as he lead our team to reach further and aim higher.
i also want to thank the other teachers on my team, for being wonderful, patient and encouraging (as well as tough and brutally honest ).  a big thanks go out to Ray & Erwin from Apertura & Becca Spears for everything.

i am looking forward to everything that 2011 has in-store for me. i know that FW9 has made an impact on me that has changed me forever.

i am truly grateful.

now for a few photos from my assignment. these photos won’t really mean much to anyone but myself and my FW9 team, because it’s all about the process and not really about the photos themselves, but you can’t have a blog post without a few photos right?

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rosaura - Oh Michele! What an amazing recap and amazing journey. So glad to have met you and have been on the same team. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent and heart with us! xoxox!

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