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sweet as pie | a little family session

sometimes i need to mix things up a little, and last weekend i did just that. it was time for a family session at the park!

this little family were in the Windsor are for the dedication of dear son Aiden, and i got the chance to hang out with them for a bit.

i have decided that i truly adore photographing children and families. i am hopeful that i can start adding more and more of them to my schedule, along with the fabulous weddings i already have booked.

i don’t get to make silly faces, sing children’s songs and act like a crazy person at weddings. i like a reprieve from acting like an adult sometimes!!

i don’t know what it is about working with children, but something skips in my heart and makes me smile. i think that’s a good enough reason to keep doing them, don’t you?

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Michelle - Very cute!

Leonora Dudley-Lane - Very happy! They are so beautiful! Thank you for being able to do this. Amazing!

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