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the Boileau family | at home

disclaimer ~ these photos are filled with super-cuteness & extreme adorableness. proceed with caution.

a couple of weeks ago, i had the pleasure of chasing 2 energetic toddlers around.  it was time to get some family photos taken.  since the Boileau family currently consists of 4 people, but will soon become 5 when the new addition arrives this fall, Jen & Ian decided to document their family before the newbie arrives. it’s always great to have photos at every stage in life. oh, and if you didn’t know this already, babies are the bestest thing EVER!!

i haven’t photographed very many families before (this is my first ‘at home’ session), but i truly loved every minute of it and hope to do more when i can. just documenting your every day life with your children is a story that needs to be told. life is too precious and too wonderful to not relish and cherish every single moment. real moments.

these aren’t your typical Walmart photos.





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Michelle - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Excellent work Michele!! You captured a few hours of this beautiful family’s day perfectly. I love everything about these. The moments you caught, your post processing and just how clean everything is. GREAT JOB!

Flirt Photography - Fun! I have done these too and I love how organic the results are. Families really cherish images like this and this family will be no different. Way to go, Michele!

amy lenhart - what a fun session! they must be busy busy with two little boys!!! full of energy i’m sure! love the one with his eyes squeezed shut!

Pops and Grammy Fear - Michelle you have totally captured our sweet grand babies!! Thank you for sharing your talent with our family and allowing us to have these amazing pictures! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

ben colvin - cute kid love his expression’s

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - How adorable! These photos showcase their personalities for sure. Well done!

Kyle - The pictures at their house are absolutely the best. What beautiful memories for them to have for when the kids are older.

Shyann - Cute session! Great job

Marie Lloyd - These are so sweet. The one where he is sucking his thumb bless. Just love the natural moments

Brad Ross - A wonderful peak into this family’s life. Love the look on the upside down kid.

Sally - These are super cute – and I adore their little cardigans!! Awesome session!

Darko - Awesome images. I love the shot of the kid pulling the other one in the little cart. Priceless.

Caroline Ghetes - These are so great! Nice work : ) Love the upside down one too. Cute little boy!

Julianne Markow - LOVE where the little boy is pulling the cart with his brother in it. So adorable! Great up close shots too!

tobiah tayo - these are brilliant! LOVE the one with the child looking down in b&w! amazing!

Heather - “these aren’t your typical Walmart photos.” +1000. These are photographs they will continue to treasure WAY longer!!

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