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happy father’s day

dear Darryl,

when i married you, almost 22 years ago now, i would have never imagined that our lives would have turned out the way they did. we had a plan when we got married, and that plan didn’t involve having kids for many years, you know, after we finished our education and had successful careers (and all that jazz). i don’t know WHAT was in the water in London, because we made a rash decision at 22 years of age that resulted in having our first child WAY before our estimated 10 year plan. i know the nurses at the hospital were worried about us becoming parents, because we didn’t even know how to change a diaper! we got pretty good at changing diapers quickly though, and 3 kids later i think we have become experts (even though you got peed on WAY to many times to count, and i always found that hilarious).

i just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart, since it’s Father’s Day  you know.

thank you so much for being an even better father to our children than i ever imagined was humanly possible. everything you’ve done with your life up until now, has been 110% for your family. you have worked like a crazy person to take care of us all, even though that sometimes meant having jobs that involved cleaning toilets and emptying garbage, working 2 jobs while attending school full-time, and surviving on very little sleep. you have written exams, studied your brains out, and done everything you can so that you are able to provide a life for your family. i have always appreciated that your family came first before your business, and i know the kids remember that you would take the morning off of work just so that you could attend a little award ceremony for something silly like ‘Most Helpful Student for the month of March’.

thank you for being willing to be silly with the kids, make them laugh with the caveman face, smother them with bear hugs and kisses, kiss them better when they hurt, and help to direct them through life with your wisdom. you are slow to anger, which has been a blessing because i’m kind of the opposite. it’s amazing how we compliment each other in so many ways.

i am thankful that we have raised a family that is strong, healthy, and loves the Lord. you have been the perfect example to our sons on what it means to be a gentle and loving husband and father, full of love and compassion and tenderness, and their future wives will thank you one day for being such a great role model. i am thankful that you’ve shown our daughter the type of man she needs for a husband, because she is so much like me that she DEFINITELY needs to marry someone just like her daddy (and has always said that was her road map to choosing a spouse).

our kids are almost grown up now, and we don’t have the stresses of toddlers and babies anymore. that makes me sad sometimes, because i think we were pretty great parents to little kids! i do think we’ve been pretty awesome parents to teenagers as well though….. just sayin’.

i can’t wait to see what type of grandpa you’ll make one day! i’m pretty sure it will involve the caveman face and euchre. yep, i’m pretty sure of those two things, oh, and it might even involve having ice cream for lunch too, because you’ll be cool like that.

love you.



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Flirt Photography - Awwww…this made me all floopy inside. SO SWEET! You are a very lucky woman and Darryl is a very lucky man. What a great team 🙂

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