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SURPRISE!!! i photograph families as well as weddings!! who would’ve guessed?!
i take on a very limited amount of family/child/lifestyle sessions, so they are really a treat for me.
i have a box.
actually, it’s two boxes.
these boxes contain my life. our life.
our life as a family.
these boxes contain hundreds and hundreds of photographs, of my life as a child, my life with my boyfriend (who luckily is my hubby as well) and my life and a parent and a wife.
i cherish these boxes so much, that recently when there was a tornado warning for my area, i quickly scooped up my boxes and put them in the basement in case we needed to escape the storm. other than my viola , computer and hard-drives (that contain all my wedding photography), those boxes were my only treasure.
one photograph that i cherish greatly, is one of my grandmother as a child of about 12 (she was born at around the turn of the century) and she is swimming. she’s swimming the Gaunt’s Bay, just off Moon RIver, outside the town of Bala Ontario. my grandma spent her summers at the family cottage, and i spent my summers at the same cottage.
i love that photograph.
a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure of photographing the Grainger family. Rob is a pastor at my church, and his wife Beth is the partner and wife that God has blessed Rob with.
i don’t know Beth that well, but i do know that she must be a fabulous lady, full of patience and grace, full of faith and love.
do you know how i know this?
well, i was the wife of a pastor for a while (Darryl pastored a church) and i know from experience that being a pastor’s wife is one of the toughest jobs around.
this lovely family trusted me to capture their love, their beauty, and their silliness.
oh, and there was some silliness!!!
my family has ‘the caveman’ face, and the Grainger’s have ‘the bunny’ face. 
i laughed so hard when they showed it to me!
let’s get this show on the road!
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windsor ontario family kid photographer .jpg
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and now….
windsor ontario family child photographer .jpg

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Anonymous - How awesome, Michele! You know, these guys are very near and dear to our hearts so it was wonderful to see this beautiful shoot of them! Excellent work!

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