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10 years and counting….. {my life}

10 years ago, some friends of ours asked if we’d like to join them on a little trip to their favourite vacation spot.

Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
sure, why not?

every year since 2001, we’ve been making the 16 hour drive from Windsor Ontario, to the fabulous hidden gem that is the Cape Hatteras. we love sharing our rental home with family and friends!

it is now 2010, and we just celebrated our 10th year of traveling to the strangest, yet one of the most beautiful places i know (i lead a pretty sheltered life, so i don’t know that many places).

if you’ve been following my blog at all, or are a friend on Facebook, you know that i have a crazy addiction to the ocean and all the life that lives underneath the waves. when i grow up, i’d LOVE to be a marine biologist (well, the ship might have sailed on that one) and spend my days diving, studying marine life, and working as an activist to save such a glorious ecosystem.
my son has the same dream, so maybe i’ll just have to live vicariously through him instead.
i’ve told him that i will hold his clipboard and record data for him one day.
i’m cool that way.

while we’re in Hatteras, we spend our days at the ocean and we even love the taste of saltwater! not swallowing it, but just the slight taste of it.
oh, and just to be clear, i am also NOT a fan of getting taken out by a wave and getting a head FULL of water that continues to slosh around inside my sinuses for hours on end.
just thought i’d put that out there.

this year, we had the glorious idea that we would spend 2 weeks in our rental home, enjoying even MORE time just hanging out and getting a killer tan.
yeah, well Hurrican Earl had other plans and we had to be evacuated on the Wednesday of our 2nd week there.
as a side note~ we took a detour and landed in Washington DC during what was, i’m sure, the HOTTEST 2 days of the year!! i nearly melted about 8 times.
true story.

here are a couple of photos from our trip. i haven’t finished going through them all yet, so this is just a snapshot of my life .
it’s a good life.

this is my happy foot and my happy beach shoes. 


we did a fishing charter one day, and a sea turtle swam close to the boat! it was lucky i had on my 70-200mm lens!
outer banks nc sea turtle.jpg
outer banks nc.jpg
my nephew Lucas, playing some frisbee game
Darryl and I went diving one day, and this was the ONLY underwater photo that turned out. the dive was unique, and we were stuck in a HUGE current down at the wreck. unfortunately, i needed my hands to hold onto the wreck, and couldn’t use them to work my camera at the same time! believe me when i say that i DID see sharks, just some small reef sharks though. this barracuda was 4-5 feet long, and he and his buddies hang at the 15 foot line under the boat!
what would a {my life} blog post be, without some photos of my kids!! 
sorry, i know i go overboard sometimes.

my Emilie
my Josh
my Cam

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