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my life ~ being married to the man of my dreams

i am a wedding photographer. 
i document weddings on an almost weekly basis.
i am always telling my clients that marriage is the most wonderful, exciting, and fabulous journey EVER. 
i’m not kidding.
i know what i’m talking about.

a few years ago (27 to be exact) , i met and started dating a 14 year old boy. he was pretty cute. he played violin, i played viola, we became best friends, fell in love, and that was that. 
at the age of 20 we got married.
we’ve been busy ever since.

today, i am celebrating my wedding anniversary.
21 years to be exact (i am NOT OLD!!!! i just got married really young)
i am not making things up when i say that marriage is wonderful.
a journey
an adventure
our life

i wanted to write a little post about the most wonderful hubby in the whole world, and thank him publicly for being the most amazing man EVER!!
Darryl is more attentive than i could have ever asked for, he’s the most loving father to our 3 beautiful children, and our life has been filled with more joy than i could have ever imagined.
Darryl, these photos are for you. to help you remember our life together these last 21 years, and to get you excited about the next 21 years!!! if we’ve done all these things in 21 years, can you imagine what our lives will look like when we’re 60?

here is a portion of my life in photos, with an emphasis on the most amazing man EVER . please ignore the quality of this photos, since they have been scanned from prints i had, and are not digital files.

Darryl, these are for you!!

here we are at 16 years old. please ignore the bleached hair (we had a run in with Sun-In)


our wedding day, August 19th 1989
yep, i was a bride once!!! YAY!
(i got my dress from Valencienne in Toronto and i loved it so much)
we didn’t have professional wedding photography, and got posed, in midday sun, for our photos. nice squinty-face.
our reception was held at the Elmwood Inn & Spa  in Toronto. We danced to ‘Dream Come True’ by Frozen Ghost
the birth of our first son, October 1991. this is my Josh.
i can’t believe that we thought we were mature enough to have kids at age 22 !! LOL!
the Bowman’s teach their kids to play euchre at a very early age.  wow, someone led an ace of spades!!! good lead 🙂
daddy going off to work. Josh loved his daddy, and always painted him pictures or built him bozer-dozers with his big lego blocks (Josh called bulldozers ‘bozer-dozers)
the day we came home with our Emilie, March 1993. Josh was still a baby at 17 months old, but it was all good.
we were all tired in our house, especially since Darryl had just gone back to school full-time and we had two babies at home. not sure what we were thinking , but it was a very tiring time.
Josh’s first taste at playing a string instrument. he would go on to become an extremely accomplished cellist. always music in the house, since we didn’t have a TV (starving students and all that jazz)
daddy always makes a great horse. they don’t play that game too much anymore, especially since Josh is taller then Darryl these days (and just as hairy) i’m not going to say anything about Josh playing with a Barbie doll ;P
our little blond poopsie!!! Cameron loved his daddy too. imagine that!
building sand castles at the cottage in Bala. love these guys!
celebrating Emilie’s 6th b-day. we have now moved to Windsor Ontario
Darryl and our bleach-blond Josh. big hugs.
our new passion as a couple …… SCUBA DIVING!!!! 
this was at our open water checkout dive, the weekend we got certified!!
it’s a HUGE part of our lives now, and every holiday we take revolves around diving now. best decision EVER!!
i’m starting to learn underwater photography here. i love this face.
we camp in Tobermory, and there’s nothing like getting hit by a freezing cold wave while posing for a photo!! 70 F water is a shock to the senses for sure.
more music. Josh, Darryl and I in the Windsor Community Orchestra a few years ago (Josh is taller than Darryl now) there was nothing better than having two of my favourite men in the same orchestra as myself. it’s how Darryl and i met all those years ago, and it had all come full circle with the inclusion of our son. we performed a Brahms symphony. it was fabulous.
my handsome man just chilling out in Roatan Honduras, where we go for our diving adventures every year.  we talk about the day’s diving first thing in the morning, and then dive, dive, dive all day long!! 
our life is one big, exciting adventure, and i wouldn’t have it any other way!! God is good.
happy anniversary my sweet man.
love you.

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Philip Hawkins Edinburgh Wedding Photographer - Happy anniversary! That was a great post, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂 My wife and I were married 20 years ago and didnt use a professional photographer either (my mother-in-laws fault! lol) and our wedding photographs were horrendous! So like you I speak from experience when I urge couples to use a full-time pro. Anyway have a really great anniversary!

Lesley - Decided to drop in today and found the most beautiful post! Michele, music may have brought you and Darryl together, but you had me at euchre! Happy anniversary to the most fabulous photographer! May I suggest making up for lost moments and getting a photo session done of the two of you? 🙂

Barb - Happy 21st Anniversary Michele & Darryl! All our love Barb & Don xox

amy - happy anniversary!! we just celebrated 11 years.. what a great post thank you for giving us a peek into your life!!

Lisa - That is an amazing blog Michelle……21 years!

ebphoto | Photographe Bruxelles - Happy anniversary! I find it very cool of you to share these moments. 21 years of what looks like 21 years of happiness. Thanks for sharing these very personal pictures with us.

Loni Vanstone - Happy Anniversary Michele!! =) Awww.. those wonderful family photos are all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

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