3 Ways to Blow Your Big Kiss at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

3 Ways to Blow Your Big Kiss at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

The kiss at your wedding ceremony is important

The kiss at your wedding ceremony is important. Passion, hope, wonder and respect at your wedding ceremony are important and the kiss should celebrate all of these things. You just exchanged wedding vows and promised to love one another forever. How does that feel?

8 essential wedding day does and donts for grooms

Be too hesitant

1. Be too hesitant. You may be private people. But weddings are public statements. And there is not, I don’t care what anyone says, too much public affection. It’s good to claim your love for your partner in public. Be affectionate. Show the world how filled with wonder you are for this miraculous relationship. And then continue to do it. And each time you reach out to your beloved, do it with reverence (and a healthy dose of passion!)

Be too bold

2. Be too bold. Everyone wants to know that you love your sweetie. But no one wants to be a voyeur at your wedding. This passion is sacred passion. It is reverent. It’s not about the hubbahubba; it’s about the oh-my-goodness-can you-believe-we-are-married-to-each other. Keep your tongues in your mouths and your hands off one another’s butts.

Don’t pay any attention to it

3. Don’t pay any attention to it. You actually need to plan for this and maybe even practice a little. If you are shy and not frequent public kissers, start with a peck and work up. Don’t wear lipstick that smears. Don’t have so much make-up on that you worry more about the make-up than the fact you’ve married your beloved. It’s often the hug that really lets people know how overwhelmed you are, but that kiss is something to share. So have a kissing fest. Invite your friends over and ask them to revisit their kisses. Take pictures. Give them to them. Practice being silly. Practice being serious. Try passionate, wondrous, dramatic. You’re not going to have anything but fun by practicing kissing! (and it’s not a bad habit to get into! Most marriages can stand a bit more kissing!)

“This kiss, this kiss,” indeed!

“This kiss, this kiss,” indeed! Make sure your photographer takes a series of photos. Frame them and put them on the wall. Whenever you look at them, remember the joy. And then go over and plant a big one on your sweetie. In a snit with one another? Ask your partner: “for a moment, before we dig this hole deeper, can we kiss the way we kissed at our wedding? And then can we look at the argument remembering how much hope and love we offered one another then? And how that hope and love has deepened over the years? Trust me when I tell you, it’ll change the outcome of the fight!Who will pay for your wedding?

Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it!

3 Ways to Blow Your Big Kiss at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

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